Are you tired of the daily rush and worries present in your life as an entrepreneur?

Do you feel the guilt whenever you think of taking a free time to relax and contemplate instead of doing something „productive” for your business?

As an executive coach with years of experience in working with entrepreneurs from various domains, I am here to show you that by not taking some time for yourself you are actually becoming more less productive than by staying all day in front of the computer, struggling to find new ways to grow your business. Throughout my 20 years as a career coach in Vancouver, I have concluded that the best ways to stimulate your creativity and determination are through adventure and meeting new people. So, if you thought that choosing a gateway once in a while will only affect your productivity, I am here to prove you the contrary.

There are many ways in which you can restart your busy schedule and take some time to retreat into yourself and come back totally refreshed, with innovative ideas that can create a major breakthrough for your business. I have gathered hundreds of hours as business and marketing consultant and I can demonstrate you that when things tend to become too stressful, choosing a retreat is the best choice you can ever make.


Why is it important to retreat?

  1. Choosing to go into a retreat will give you the opportunity to keep your business on an ascendant path. You will break down barriers from your way of thinking and come back with totally new goals that will change the way you will do business from that moment on.
  2. You will continue working for your company even if you chose to sit in a place in nature and contemplate. The value you will bring by learning and absorbing new information from experts or from other entrepreneurs who find themselves in the same situation as you, means also a lot of work that will help improve your business.
  3. Going into a retreat represents an immense potential for networking. You will get connected with other professionals, from various domains, with tons of experience behind, with whom you can share ideas or create partnerships.
  4. You will meet people from whom you will learn a lot of things that you have never thought about because you didn’t know them. But now, in a retreat, where all these exceptional brains are brought together, you will have the chance to attend free business lessons and apply new tactics that you didn’t even know they existed.
  5. See a retreat as an investment in your business development. Considering the added value that you will bring to your company, the cost paid will be nothing.
  6. After a retreat experience you will be able to set and achieve ambitious goals, boost your creativity and problem solving skills from a totally new perspective.


How will I be able to help you?

  • I am organizing retreats that will help you find your mission, values and intentions;
  • With my experience in business coaching, I will show you how to do your self-assessment before choosing one retreat option or another;
  • I will work with you to identify the best retreat option that will serve your potential and needs;
  • My strategic planning skills will help you analyze and prepare everything you need to make the retreat experience unforgettable;
  • Depending on the retreat we are going to choose together, I will work with you to overcome your fears and get the best of your journey;
  • Once the adventure is over, I will be your business coach in helping you to implement and to transmit the information you achieved to your employees who will work together with you for your new shared goal.


All in all, when choosing to go on a retreat, do not think that you will become something in particular after coming back. A retreat is everything about becoming the person who you were meant to be in the first place. As a life and career coach, with 20 years of experience in Vancouver, Hungary, Mexico, etc., I am here to show you that if you want to succeed you need to sometimes press the reset button. And in these cases, a retreat is the best opportunity to determine what you need in order to gain a different view on your life and business. A retreat may even show you that you need to change your plans drastically. But it is nothing wrong with it! On the contrary, I am going to show you how to choose the space that will lead you to live the life you were meant to live from the beginning on this planet.

So take my advice and let loose, get ready to get out from your comfort zone, make new friends and prepare for endless nights of dancing under the stars. I am here to show you where your „reset” button is and we can push it together to change your future!