You finally succeeded in living the life of your dreams by being an entrepreneur or small business owner. Congratulations! But is this the final stage of your dreams? Too often, getting the business started, aligning the strategy with your people or prioritizing your goals and objectives, can turn into a terrible headache rather than the dream you envisioned. In such moments, a business coach can help you understand what you are looking for and release the potential of you and your team.

As experienced executive coach, I know very well the characteristics of an entrepreneur. You are not all created after the same pattern, while many of you have some common peculiarities. When someone thinks of an entrepreneur, they know that entrepreneurs are full of determination and not afraid to take risks. And at the same time, they are highly adaptable with an above-average level of confidence, understanding however that failure sometimes is part of the game they follow. With such amazing qualities, you would think that business consulting firms are redundant and when things start to shake you will find the solution to your problem by yourself.

But what if I told you that, on the contrary, a person who will be next to you to encourage you, to applaud you and who focuses on developing YOU, will definitely make positive changes in your business future?

How do you know what are the “symptoms” that are telling you to ask for coaching services?

Ask yourself the following questions and you will find the answer yourself:

  • A day has only 24 hours and it just seems that it is too short for all the things you want to do?
  • Your mind is overwhelmed with ideas and strategies but you do not know which one could be appropriate for your business profile?
  • You often feel that you are not working on the business as it should be, but in the business?
  • Balancing between family, work and fun is an extreme challenge?
  • Worries, employees, customers are jumping over and over again in your thoughts?


If you answered “yes” to most of the above questions, then phone us. Our team of experienced business coaches from Vancouver will motivate and energize you to obtain outstanding results not only in your business, but also in your personal life. To find a balance between family, work, and relaxation time, we are here to help you.  


How can a I, as a business consultant from Vancouver, help you specifically?

  • We will discover together what are your priorities both personal and professional
  • We will shape a plan which will help you achieve your goals and the steps to move forward
  • We will work together to help you get rid of any obstacles that inhibit you
  • We will communicate throughout the process
  • Last but not least, we will celebrate for achieving all your goals.


You became an entrepreneur to have success and make profits. Well, what you need to realize is that you cannot achieve business success as long as on a personal level you are a mess. Success is not an accident and it cannot be obtained only on a professional level with the cost of destroying your personal success. Therefore, being in peace with yourself and finding the energy to continue every day with your challenges is extremely important to move your business forward.


Specifically, here is how with my management and training skills I will help impact your business:

  • You will have a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to achieve
  • You will be able to release all your talents and “super-powers” that will increase your productivity
  • You will learn to prioritize and focus on the things that are really important for you
  • In case you feel you cannot do one task, as long as you are organized and balanced, you will see the potential in other people who will deliver that specific task professionally
  • You will be able to manage your time wisely and therefore think more on how to meet more accurately the clients’ needs and create new strategy
  • “Overwhelmed” will become a word that will disappear from your head and vocabulary


How does it sound? It seems like a dream come true, right? As you know dreams can also become reality and this is exactly what we are going to do. Think of me as someone who will teach you, identify what is holding you back, but most of all, be along next to YOU. My goal is to support you and partner with you to build the business and the entrepreneur profile that you always wanted to be.

Do not waste more time. Call me to work together.