develop coaches


Dear Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner,

To truly lead your team, help your business grow and consolidate the relationship between you and your employees, we invite you to have a short look at today’s market characteristics. Why do we ask you that? Wait and you will understand later.

As you know, we live in a globalized world where competition has become extremely high and there is almost no room for error. In addition, people’s behavior has changed so much so that they are increasingly searching for the meaning in their work. As such, they need to be included in all aspects of the work environment and to be connected in some way with the overall business activities. On top of that, information is no longer difficult to find and the means of communication are so varied and advanced that anything can be found or achieved in just a second. Now, ask yourself, considering these changes, how prepared are you to continue with these challenges?

Did you know that one in two employees would want to fire their bosses if they could?

Quite stunning, isn’t it?

Now have you ever wondered if this is the case in your business?

What do employees want?

To begin with, everyone needs and deserves a great leader. Even though this statement is rather general, great leaders are actually great coaches, meaning people who are able to help others make progress in their work, recognize their hard work and treat them with trust and respect.

Generally speaking, when asked what their expectations are from their company, employees often say: “I hope that we will have some coaching so as to be able to learn from someone who will challenge me and have hard conversations with me”. Why do you think they say that? Because people want to grow. They want to learn, to have models to follow and know where they are going.

You might think that when being a business owner, automatically new leadership skills package together with your business ability to generate profits. It could be, but leadership coaching skills are different, and in any type of business you may be dealing with, mastering these skills could either grow your employees’ performances or, on the contrary, erode them.

On the other hand, if you think that it is not you the who should be coached considering that you have an HR department or a trainer as part of your team, then you need to reconsider this thought. It is you who has to give all that you have, set the direction of your team, and finally set the culture that you want to see in your organization in all it’s behavior.  


How do I and my team coach you to develop new coaches?

    • You will work together with myself as well as experienced professional business coaches from Vancouver and/or abroad when needed. Speaking for myself, with over 15 years of business, coaching and training experience, as well as by being a Master NLP Practitioner and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology Practitioner, I am your advocate and sounding board, helping you to be the leader that your business and employees deserve.


  • We will work with you to implement a coaching culture in your organization. This means that your business will be driven by continuous feedback and improvement on employees’ growth and development. We will stand next to you to advocate and applaud you when you share your experience, develop strategies for your business, connect with people and create trusting relationships.


  • We will show you how, by being able to develop new coaches, you will start seeing your employees for what they bring to their job and not for what they could not do. Feedback is going to be the word that will conduct both our relationship as well as your relationship with your employees. Therefore, you will soon notice that the development process of your team and of yourself will be accelerated thanks to clear and constructive feedback.
  • Working with me and my team of business advisors, you will be able to create more sustainability together with a deep sense of safety by encouraging your employees to try new things allowing them to reach their potential, to develop more self-awareness, and to create stronger employee-manager relationships.
  • I will show you what is immersion coaching and I will work with you to implement it in your company. Every time you will hit a challenge and you feel like you are going to abandon the battle, I will coach you on how to immerse again every single time and dedicate yourself to your goals with much more energy. You will see that the results will be unbelievable.   
  • And when mastering your ability to coach others, you will also be able to notice and pay more attention to the tiniest communication details. After all, small details are the ones which make the difference, isn’t it?


The conclusion is simple. I will coach you on how to coach others and highlight their powers, but at the same time, you will have their trust. You will have the necessary skills to guide your people and generate results together with your team, because after all, a successful business is not a group of individuals, it is actually a  team of individuals.

Now, when you wake up in the morning and ask yourself before going to the office: “What am I doing this for? Will I be able to make it?”, you will know the answer and the rest will come as a consequence of it. You will be the person who just does it.

All the best,

Wallace Murray