As an executive coach with years of experience in working with entrepreneurs from various domains, I am here to show you that by not taking some time for yourself you are actually becoming more less productive than by staying all day in front of the computer, struggling to find new ways to grow your business. Throughout my 20 years as a career coach in Vancouver, I have concluded that the best ways to stimulate your creativity and determination are through adventure and meeting new people. So, if you thought that choosing a gateway once in a while will…

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It is often said that business owners and entrepreneurs are a special race of business people. Sometimes, they are so independent that it is sometimes difficult to keep their pace and understand their thoughts. However, even the most successful ones need a hand in their vision to move forward. Whenever things start to shake and blind spots appear on the horizon, the intervention of a coach is most appropriate. Even if you are in your most prosperous and successful period of your business, a strategic thinker and visionary consultant would be an invaluable asset for your practice.

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Developing Coaches

Dear Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner, To truly lead your team, help your business grow and consolidate the relationship between you and your employees, we invite you to have a short look at today’s market characteristics. Why do we ask you that? Wait and you will understand later.


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You finally succeeded in living the life of your dreams by being an entrepreneur or small business owner. Congratulations! But is this the final stage of your dreams? Too often, getting the business started, aligning the strategy with your people or prioritizing your goals and objectives…