As you know, we are experiencing a totally new era of e-commerce, an era where e-commerce is commerce, based on social experiences and where the buying process is easier than never before. This buying process is really about a social experience where customers and sellers interact, learn from each other and develop new ideas. As an experienced business coach, I know that this is part of a greater social movement, and realize that the new world of e-commerce is developing based on a new principle: it is more important to have access to goods and services, than to own them. The world’s economy is full of examples of businesses that escalate from unknown to outrageously popular in a very short period of time, showing that the advantages of this new type of thinking are extremely important for society, due to the fact that it brings:

  • Less waste
  • Lower costs
  • Global communities which are created with neighborly values



How Can We, as A Business Consultant, Help You In E-Commerce?

As we are living in one of those times where we are reinventing how the socio-economic world works, we have gathered our business and marketing consultant skills in order to help you get the best from this:

  • We will show you how to address new markets and adapt your products and services culturally
  • We will help you identify and implement the new trends of e-commerce in your business
  • With our coaching and management consulting skills, we will help you become more independent and more economically empowered as an entrepreneur
  • We will show you how to improve your business model in e-commerce
  • We will help you learn how to think both as a producer and as a consumer
  • We will bring to your attention the voices of different generations and show you how to focus on their needs
  • We will help you create new values in the markets you are addressing
  • We will help you build a “green’ reputation and inspire trust

As you know, commerce now focuses more on community sharing, bringing to the surface principles, like humanness, that we all know and want to use in a totally new purpose. As a first step then, as a management and training coach, with experience in Vancouver business environments as well as global ones, we will first focus on showing you how to deconstruct every aspect, whether it is personal or professional, and start adding value in the world we are becoming. What is more, as skilled coaching consultants, we will show you how to shift your concentration only to the things that deliver value to your life and increase your reputation level.

As you know, living in a world where mobility is extremely important for people, my main purpose in our collaboration would be to show you how successful strategic planning can help you become more economically significant in the mobile and global e-commerce business.  

Contact me and let’s find what works best for you!