global and cross cultural

How would you start your day when you hear a colleague commenting on your work saying that it is “Not so good”? or “It could be better”? Or if they said, “WOW AWESOME” for mediocre work?  What’s really interesting is that working in a multi-cultural business environment, neither one of these comments many not be so dramatic in reality once you understand where they are coming from.

As a business coach, offering management and strategic planning consultancy, I can tell you that in business it is extremely important to be culturally aware. As you know, to be aware represents the foundation of any communication as well as any successful partnership. When we stand back, we become aware of other’s cultural values, perceptions and beliefs. And this contributes to a healthier business environment overall.

Throughout my experience in management consulting and training in Vancouver BC, Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, and Indonesia, and with over 4000 people of 100 plus cultural backgrounds, I have tailored our services so as to meet cultural diversity and to shape everyone’s behavior in such a way that each of us will be able to get integrated faster in any cultural environment sooner rather than later.


How Can We Help You Become More Culturally Aware?

  • We will show you every culture’s particularities in delivering messages and you will see how easy is to send a correct message no matter where you are;
  • We will show you when to use direct vs. indirect feedback in a specific culture;
  • We will show you how to deliver instructions to your multi-cultural team in a “universal” language that is at the same time adapted to their cultures;
  • We will show you how to test that the message you have transmitted was received and interpreted the way you meant;
  • We will show you how to change and improve your message, until everyone gets it right;
  • We will show you how to balance between criticism and charm when leading a multi-cultural team;
  • We will help you become more aware of your cultural dynamics and adapt all your experiences and backgrounds to other people’s cultural backgrounds;
  • We will explain to you what is the fourth degree of cultural awareness known as “Our Way” and how to successfully implement it in your business relationships;


As a Master NLP and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology Practitioner, as well as after years of experience as a business consultant, working with entrepreneurs and managers alike, I have understood that above any type of culture, the first principle that anyone should follow in business and in life is respect. When you enter into a new community, the most important thing is not to show your brilliant ideas, but to shut up and listen to the local community and learn from them. After that, you will see how brilliant your initial ideas really are and you will know exactly what you have to do next.

  • Know that you do not know everything
  • Stop judging
  • Become empathic
  • Check periodically and systematically your assumptions
  • Understand ambiguity
  • Embrace diversity


Let’s shake hands and let me help me show you how becoming culturally aware can add so much more to your story. Let’s connect now!