eco projects

Being “eco” or getting involved in “eco projects” has finally turned from a trend to the real necessity it is. It is finally agreed upon that we are facing some important changes in the world’s climate. Therefore, contributing to the “environment’s health” should become one of our priorities when we are planning our future actions. I am a business coach, but just like you, I am as well aware of the impact that individuals and companies have on the environment. Moreover, just like you, I am interested in developing new strategies and actions that can bring an improvement to the present scenario and everybody’s efforts to preserve the planet’s resources. I encourage you that want to invest in an eco project, whether in a start-up idea or venture, or investment dollars, to reach out to me. Together we can play our role in tackling climate change, protecting our earth, and reducing the uncontrolled consumption of our natural resources.

How can I help you?

  • I will present you various methods in order to attract funds for your project from private or public sources
  • I will analyze your activity and I am going to identify what type of eco project can best fit your profile and possibilities
  • I will help you in creating the action plan for implementing and asking for funds for the eco project that you want to develop
  • I will clearly show you what are going to be your responsibilities in the eco project that you will implement
  • I will assist and prepare you to negotiate with third parties from whom you are going to attract funds
  • I will make a realistic analysis of your financial potential in order to identify the type of eco project that you are going to be able to support
  • I will help you find other possible collaborators with similar objectives and principles like you, with whom you can develop a bigger eco project if we choose
  • I will help you create a rational and feasible timeline based on which you will implement your eco project
  • I will present to you the list of risks that you need to take into consideration before starting to invest
  • I will develop together with you a backup plan in order to make sure that your eco project will be finally possible no matter the circumstances


What will be your added value to work with me?

First of all, I am a strategic planner; therefore we are going to view this project with the same perspective as any other project that we would want to implement in your business. Working with me, from this point on, we will no longer sell only high products or services to your customers. As well, we will promote a mission with a global purpose that will sustain a lifestyle that benefits your customers and make their world and your world a better place. Below is a sampling of some of the results:

  • Discover new alternative sources of energy that will reduce your energy costs on the long-term
  • An increased reputation as you will be seen as the person who is thinking of the society’s good
  • Manufacturing and distribution that is more eco-efficient
  • More innovative technologies to produce more efficiently
  • Increased sales due to your reputation and client’s trust increase in your products / services
  • Your products will last longer thanks to the innovative eco-friendly technologies you are now using to produce them
  • Your employees’ will be more committed to their work as they will recognize in you the type of leader that thinks of others first


After our first sessions of working together, you will notice that I am not like all the other business consulting firms, management consulting firms, etc, as I am not interested in this subject due to the media pressure, new market potential, etc.  I am in it because I am a true believer of this cause and it is a crucial part of what I wish to do while I live my life purpose. I want to work only with people that will contribute to the well-being of people and nature.

If you also know that this is what you wish to do, call me and let’s talk!