Retreats and Workshops

Each of us has hundreds of questions and struggles in finding our purpose in life and inner peace. And what is more, each of us wastes many hours on activities that do not bring any added value to our lives and future.

NOW it’s time to start using your squandered time for a more meaningful experience which will help you find your purpose and reveal the life you are meant to live!

And if you think that maybe it would be better to start with a vacation, you are close, but not enough. I have used all my experience as a personal coach and NLP practitioner to create the most deeper spiritual, life-changing retreats that will satisfy your desire to discover your true life purpose.

Why go on a retreat?

  • Change yourself by experiencing new things, in an unfamiliar environment, interacting with people who you never knew before;
  • I have designed my retreats with the only purpose to help you realize who you want to become;
  • I will help you write your new life-purpose document which you are going to follow in fulfilling your goals;
  • The activities that I have designed are specially created for you with the only purpose of awakening your potential and help you live the life you are meant to live;
  • You will discover fresh ways of seeing your future and discover new opportunities;
  • You will allow yourself to be free and get totally immersed in the present moment.



If you are still not convinced, think a bit of the meaning of the word “retreat”. At a quick look in a dictionary, it means “to withdraw, to draw back”. So this is the exact purpose of a retreat:

  • Draw back from your daily routine and questions
  • Draw back from the pressure put by others to rise to their expectations
  • Draw back from the life you are living right now and devote to yourself


You won’t have anything to lose, but to win! I have designed my retreats following the knowledge and wisdom collected while being a personal coach, working with people from Vancouver, Hungary, Mexico, Asia from which I have learned my own lessons. This is why I want you to STOP SLEEPING and guide yourself to a totally new experience where you will:

  • FIND your mission which will guide you
  • FIND your values which will guide you
  • FIND your intentions which will create your life


Your life journey is unique and it will bring you infinite possibilities throughout the way. But what I want to show you is that a retreat is actually a way to advance and a great opportunity to rest, rejuvenate, explore yourself and the others around you, and discover your purpose. As a personal coach and advocate for people who are changing their lives in a meaningful way, I have created the retreats with the main purpose to:

  • Stop and listen to your inner voice;
  • Reflect and re-discover yourself;
  • Build and apply new ways to change your life purpose.


The life you are meant to live on this planet is waiting for you. It’s just up to you to take the decision and call or email me!