We hear all the time about NLP and how knowing its techniques can really influence our life and the relationships we have with others. But what is NLP exactly? Most of us have assimilated this term as it is and do not even try searching for more about its meaning. As a Master NLP Practitioner and an experienced executive coach,  if I were to give you a definition of what NLP is, I may tell you first that it is an abbreviation of “neuro-linguistic programming”.  

Will you be surprised when you learn more about how we can help you with NLP as you read this page?

What is NLP?

In a nutshell, NLP represents the guide of how to succeed and obtain what you want in life. If you want to understand it better, think for a second about someone you admire a lot and you consider is gifted in some way because he or she is capable of excelling while doing certain things. Now what does my coaching in NLP have to do with this? If you consider that how that person does things will also help you to enhance your performances or obtain one of the goals you have been struggling for a long of time, then NLP is the methodology that will help you get that. How cool is that?

Is it that easy or is it easier than that? NLP has developed over time a lot of techniques in order to explore the connection between how a person thinks, behaves and communicates. The main idea of all this was that by analyzing these relationships, people can change their way of thinking and shift to more successful ways of behaving, feeling and communicating.

NLP can, as you may know, help find solutions for any problem you may encounter, whether it is at work or in personal life. My purpose is to show you how to create rapport and develop your NLP techniques by observing certain aspects in yourself as well as in people’s behaviors, communication or emotions. Considering my strong experience as an NLP practitioner, as well as knowing that you want to change, I will help you enhance two areas:  substance and style. As you know, if you want to be effective and connect with people, you need to have both because if you do not have style people will not trust what you tell them, and if you do not have substance, it is not going to last.


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Now, take a minute and think a bit about the types of people that you usually feel more connected to. Usually these are the people that are like you or are like the person you would like to be. Now, are they stronger in style, substance or both?

What Is My Focus?

  • My experience in management and consulting enables me to help you mirror and match your way of action and behaving so that others are more comfortable with you,
  • With the techniques I am going to teach you, developed through years of coaching in Vancouver, you will be able to connect with any person you consider that you have something to learn from or who will help you improve.
  • Practicing NLP will make you more aware of yourself and you will be able to bond with others and make them understand what you really want to transmit.
  • You will be able to notice the tone of voice, volume, speed, body posture, breathing, and comfort zones, and because of this create connections and help others be the best they can be
  • I will show you how strategic planning works and how to have a genuine influence on the outcome of situations personal or business.
  • Rather than reject “difficult people” , you will be able to to communicate with them more effectively and model your behavior accordingly for their good and yours
  • I will show you how any fear can be overcome and acquire new ways of thinking and thus solutions to respond

As you may know, some people consider this form of life coach training extremely pretentious and not needed as your life is perfect as it is. The only part we agree with is that your life is as perfect as you want it to be. As an NLP practitioner, I am going to show you that creating a life instead of living one is the most important step that you need to make NOW. Above any technique or teaching, NLP and what I do cares about two core things: love and freedom. And only by getting a life where you see, hear and feel balanced in love and freedom, will you be able to apply everything you learn and understand as you wish.

To help you live the life you were meant to live on this Planet:

  • I will help you release all your past negative experiences and emotions and align instead your values around family, relationships, success, career and health.
  • I will help you do the things that right now you want to do and believe you cannot do
  • You will be able to communicate more effectively and attract the right people in your life.
  • You will create exactly what you want. So if you want to be an empowering leader or a skillful person, you can do that. If you want to improve your skills in a sport or become a better friend for others and yourself, you can do that. It’s your choice

Will you be surprised when you call me?  Create your life now!