New World Of Life And Business


The world around us is changing at an incredibly fast pace and as you know, new advances in technology is one of the factors causing these changes. And as you know, these challenges imposed by this exponential increase in technology innovation creates a lot of questions and rumors about what is going to happen in 10-15 years from now. As an executive coach, working in Vancouver BC, Canada, USA, Mexico, parts of Asia and Europe, I have assisted in helping a lot of people in making new necessary business changes as well as showing them how to reinvent their human resources to adapt to the needs of today and for the future.

In a world where we hear about all sorts of problems: political, social, and the greed and desperation of people, how can I help you make a change and adapt successfully to this new environment?

  • The way you look at the world influences the outcome of your actions and also that of the people around you. We will work on your dose of optimism and you will see how you will find an opportunity in every challenge you are going to face;
  • Considering my experience in management consulting, I will show you how important it is to strive to make your goals happen and inspire others to do the same;
  • Last but not least, my training and human resources skills will be used to help you really grow your income while not increasing your workload at all. In fact, I commit to decreasing it. You will no longer see work as a way to survive, but as a way you can contribute to the society as a whole while doing something that you really enjoy.

It does not matter in what business you are working in; changes in innovation are coming faster than your ability to adapt to it. My value is working with you to show you how you can find new ideas of doing business and living at any time, and to apply them immediately in your everyday life.

  • We will analyze together your previous experience, listing what are your strengths and what challenges keep repeating themselves. This will be the base for creating a list of priorities that, as soon as we start learning from them, will bring you a different vision of the things you see every day and you will start to see more opportunities.
  • I will help you broaden your world, adding new places and events on your list where you will be able to hunt for new ideas, totally different than you were used to.
  • With my Vancouver HR experience, I will show you how to pay more attention to the problems that the people around you are facing and how they and you can finally solve them. What we will learn from these experiences is that whenever you face a similar situation you will see how you will immediately adapt the solution that you observed in others and yourselves, to your new particular situation.


The future is unknown and unwritten, and as Gandhi said, we should be the change we want to see in the world. This is what I made my mission to be for the new world of life and business: feeling good while helping you shape the future the way you want it to be. My strong belief is that, unlike what most business “gurus” and experts say,  you do not need to first see what others are doing and then try to do something even bigger. What I do advocate is this: life the life you are meant to live. What others are doing is no business of yours.

And don’t worry if you are off track.  We will take what you know today, take what we need, discard what we do not, and rebuild following what you want to do.

Whether we are in 2017 or in 2057, my philosophy, around which I am going to build our coaching relationship, will always be the following:

  • If you are not disrupting your life NOW, it is going to be disrupted for you by others.
  • If you are not disrupting your own business model EVERY YEAR, it is going to be disrupted for you by others.  


Call me and let’s create what you truly desire in this new world of life and business.