net positive concept

Have you ever thought about what you are going to leave as a legacy for the generations to come? Is wealth or a successful business image the only thing that you want to leave behind?

Or, as we both know, your true desire, as us all, is to be remembered as a person who put the benefit of all as first priority?

As an executive coach with years of experience behind me, I can tell you that by starting with the positive impact that you can have on society, you will experience a new way of doing business as well as living your life. As you may know, this movement is called  “Net Positive” and is a concept that is as old as it is new.


What is the Net Positive Concept?

The net positive concept is a “new” method of doing business successfully by thinking first of the inpact you bring to the environment, society and economy. When we embrace the net positive concept, we will continue doing business successfully, and at the same time we will develop all your actions and strategies to impact society and the climate in the most best way possible.


How Can I Help You Make the Shift To Net Positive Concept?

Most probably you think that an executive coach from Vancouver does not have anything to do with sustainability, climate change or natural resources scarcity. You could be right, but at the same time you could be also wrong, because I am not going to teach you the laws of the environment, but I am going to show you how to adapt your business to the 21st century world needs. Executive coaching means much more than helping you to be a better leader. I am the type of business consultant that will come with a proved business plan that will move your business forward in a sustainable way taking into consideration the social good.

Therefore, my goal will be to give you the answers to some stringent problems that the business world is dealing with in our era:

  • What should you take into consideration and include in your company’s footprint?
  • When making your business strategy what impacts should you think of first?
  • How can you measure your impacts more accurately and which impacts are in fact positive or negative?
  • To what extent should the negative impacts that any type of business creates, be eliminated and replaced with positive ones mainly?


What Benefits Will The Net Positive Approach Bring You?

  • Your business will meet long-term success and your reputation will increase exponentially
  • Your sales will increase as the people around you will trust you even more now
  • You will differentiate from your competition being one of the few pioneers that are implementing this concept in your industry
  • Your supply security will increase as you will harm the environment less
  • You will discover new markets and enter into new partnerships with organizations that follow and appreciate the same principles
  • Your costs will drop on the long term as you will discover more sustainable ways of doing your business


How Difficult Is It to Implement Net Positive Principles?

During my experience in training and human resources, I have identified that there is no secret in applying the net positive principles because we have it in our DNA. Indigenous cultures have created their culture around protecting the environment and natural resources as well as protecting themselves. On the other side, we have the knowledge and technology to do it as long as we listen to their basic principles and acknowledge their importance in today’s world. My organizational development strategies applied to businesses from Vancouver, Florida or Hungary, have been created taking into consideration the net positive principles and have brought radical results to the companies I have been working with. Therefore, here is the list of principles I follow and some short insights of how I can bring you the change that you need to be sustainable:

  • Make an impact on the areas beyond your boundaries

I will show you how you can have a great impact on some of the areas that are within your boundaries in the first place, but I am not going to stop here. We will identify together the key areas where you can also have an impact on areas that are beyond your borders.

  • Try a different way of doing business

I am going to show you new methods and strategies that will match your business profile but we will take care of the impact you make on the environment and society as well. My goal is to make you modernize your business approach in a sustainable way.

  • Enter in new partnerships

With my background of business and marketing consultant I will highlight new opportunities and partnerships that you can enter into and make even a greater positive impact

  • Expand your vision

By working with me as your business coach you will see how many opportunities that often times you considered inappropriate will appear now in a different light and you will immediately identify that by taking every opportunity your positive impact will be bigger.

  • Do not forget about policy

I will give you all the necessary arguments that will convince you to get more involved in the government actions in terms of sustainability by having a strong position, sending proposals or commenting on the authorities plans

  • Invest in innovation that really matter

The people’s expectations change extremely fast, therefore the impact that you have on the customers and their world should be your motor when you decide to invest in new technologies and innovation. I am going to show you which are the best options for your business profile

  • Measure your impacts

I will show you how to measure your impacts realistically and how to combine the positive impact that you have in the key material areas with the contribution you bring to the environment, society and economy as a whole

All in all, the conclusion is simple. I am here to work with you and show you that doing the right thing should not be limited only to the material key areas, but you should realize that you are responsible for the effect you have on the environment and society around you. At the end of our collaboration you will realize that it is not only important to deliver value today, but what you deliver tomorrow is even more important.