HNLP stands for Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology.


HNLP was developed by John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn and this is how they define HNLP: “Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology is the study of how the Mind creates reality though language and behavior.The word Mind with a capital M is used on purpose. Many scientists want us to believe that our mind is our brain….


Human Potential

As you know, each company, especially when promoting the quality of their workplace, stress to some degree the human potential of their staff.  And yes, to some degree it may be important for some companies. What is true for you and for me, is that it is critically important for each and every one of us to reach our potential…

life and thought changers

Retreats & Workshops

Each of us has hundreds of questions and struggles in finding our purpose in life and inner peace. And what is more, each of us wastes many hours on activities that do not bring any added value to our lives and future. NOW it’s time to start using your squandered time for a more meaningful experience which will help you…

New World Of Life And Business

New World of Life & Business

The world around us is changing at an incredibly fast pace and as you know, new advances in technology is one of the factors causing these changes. And as you know, these challenges imposed by this exponential increase in technology innovation creates a lot of questions and…



We hear all the time about NLP and how knowing its techniques can really influence our life and the relationships we have with others. But what is NLP exactly? Most of us have assimilated this term as it is and do not even try searching for more about its meaning. As a Master NLP Practitioner and an experienced executive coach…

net positive concept

Net Positive Concept

As an executive coach with years of experience behind me, I can tell you that by starting with the positive impact that you can have on society, you will experience a new way of doing business as well as living your life. As you may know, this movement is called  “Net Positive” and is a concept that is as old as it is new.