team building


When being an executive, you want to create all the wealth of your company, and of course that includes having a team of employees who get along together very well, help each other and deliver excellent results. However, in some cases, this seems a utopia and a percentage of leaders and executives will tell you that this simply doesn’t exist. For some, maybe you, think that introducing some games in your team’s activities would improve the situation by getting people to work together. So the best solution from your point of view would be a team-building session. However, when they come back to the office you realize that nothing has changed, and people continue gossiping about each other or form groups that destabilize the whole team, or do whatever people do that causes chaos.

Then you may start wondering: what did I do wrong? Am I not a good leader? What should I do more to build the team I need?

We are here to tell you that you do not have to worry too much. Our mission is to help you build the team of individuals that are meant to work together for the reasons they got together in the first place. It’s a mouthful and we know it makes sense because you had a purpose when you brought them together, didn’t you? We will stand next to you to make your team live and create the workplace they are meant to do, not something else that they are creating outside of this truth.

Firstly, think about what you expect from your team when you plan a team-building session. If this sounds a bit difficult for you to decide or the problems are too many and you cannot make a shortlist right now, let us give some examples of what the outcome should be after a team day:

  • You would like your team to come back more committed to their activities, accountable and driven to move things forward;
  • Team building would be a great opportunity to enlighten you and reveal you the ways you can help your team get to the next level of their performance potential;
  • During team building sessions you will receive practical and proven strategies and techniques that will help you create the much needed atmosphere in your office that will foster collaborations;
  • You would like to understand better how to reveal and enhance each person’s talent;
  • Your people will focus more on results rather than gossip about each other, complaining or not be fully committed to their work;
  • Your team will change completely becoming more passionate in achieving high results and dedicate to the company’s goal


The above results are not an illusion. And you know already that team building is not just a corporate “must-have”. I and my team take Human Potential and Team Potential very seriously and when working with a company we build our strategies and techniques according to the team’s profile in order to obtain exactly the results above. What I am going to show you is that team building is one of best uses of money and time for you and your team. As we know, it can bring remarkable results, AND everything depends on how the whole adventure is designed in order to address the roots of the problem that created the disconnection between people, before just trying to change behaviors.


How is my type of team-building effective?

First of all, I am identifying and addressing directly the illness. I will not try just to take away your people’s “bad behavior” and replace it with a good one. And we know It doesn’t work like this! This is just a temporary solution, rather I will work with you to give you long-lasting outcomes which will work no matter who is on your team or if you add new members to your team.

First, I dig deep and remove all the surface layers that cover the core problem of all this and then design the list of best practices for your next planned team-building that will work on the real solution and will take away negativism, pointed fingers and personality issues in your team.

Also, I will show you how to clearly put on the table the expectations for your workforce, what you want them to achieve and create a common language for everyone by sharing each other’s experiences and work together.

Identifying the real problem during our team-building will be just the first step of a lot more other changes that will happen in your team. Check for yourself the results that I guarantee you and your team will obtain:

  • You will learn the lesson of “regular feedback” that keeps all your team’s members accountable
  • Each member of your team will now have a defined role and commitment to his individual work and that of his team
  • Each team will have a shared purpose now and will understand that only by working together they will be able to reach it
  • Any failure of communication will be eliminated
  • People will communicate better and more efficiently as now they will understand each other’s qualities, interests and motivations that only by being put together make the whole team move forward
  • Any member of your team will understand that they have an incomparable and unique contribution to the whole organization
  • Each individuals talents and skills will be recognized and practical techniques to enhance their potential will be developed
  • Team members will learn to address each other directly and ask for help or feedback whenever the need arises
  • Individuals will now be motivated to contribute and help others even though it is not under their responsibility, but their insights will serve the organization’s overall success


All in all, what I want you to understand is that team-building is not about taking your team on an outdoor activity or making them play all sorts of games in order to create necessary bonds between each other. Retreats, when done correctly, work and are important as a first step. What we will continue to do is learn to build your team with constant feedback, clear expectations and by creating a culture where employees feel free to challenge assumptions.

Our strong belief is that every single person is created to do what they are meant to do on this planet.

If you sense that you or your team are not on the path of accomplishing this goal,call me!