“Very powerful, life-changing experience. This leadership retreat makes you win in so many ways; first as a person and secondly your organization wins as well because of the way you connect with your inner self and know your mission, intentions and values.”

“Unusual, but yet the most beneficial leadership retreat I have ever attended. No leader or executive in this world should miss this opportunity. I have never imagined that this retreat is going to change my perspective on myself and on my team as a result of how I decided to work from now on.”

What better description to give to a leadership and development retreat than these testimonials who comprise in just a few words the whole experience? As an executive coach, working with executives from Vancouver, Mexico, Hungary and many other countries, I have reached the conclusion that in most of the times more than 90% of what they worry about never happens, while the rest happen in a totally different way than they expected. This is the reason why when you are a leader you usually come to situations when you are looking for answers to questions like:

  • How can I grow successfully to meet the challenges that I am facing?
  • How can I meet other leaders who are seeking the same answers and want to share experiences?
  • What is my role in this world of evolving leadership?
  • How am I going to adapt and meet the needs the future is bringing?

My years of experience as a career coach, plus management and training together with HR experience have led me to design leadership retreats where I combine modern, proven best-practices with the wisdom of old-world knowledge keepers in order to help you find the answers to all your questions and develop your human, organizational and business potential.

What does a leadership retreat look like?

  • Several days of self-exploration and guided meditations that will take you deeper into your intentions, learnings and experiences from inside out;
  • Breathtaking landscape where you will find the connection between who you are, what you want to become and what path to follow to fulfill your goals
  • Participants from many different countries, all driven by the same purpose – to find their mission, values, and intentions;
  • Deep and holistic approach to help you step out and tap into your inner thought and hopes, and discover your true sense of leadership.



What will be the added value that you will take away?

  • I will help you find your MISSION that will guide you;
  • I will help you find your VALUE that will guide you;
  • I will help you find your INTENTIONS that will define your missions;
  • I will help you awaken the life you are meant to live on this planet;
  • I will reveal to you more sources of development;
  • I will help you create a clear view your leadership capacity and draw the steps you need to follow to expand your horizons;
  • I will show you original ways of how to face the future and adapt to its challenges.  


Even if you are the most skeptical person in this world, I am here to prove to you that the answers you are looking for come from your life choices and for this purpose, going to a retreat is one of the choices that you will have to follow if you really want to find your path.  I use my strategic planning know-how to create retreats that will guide you step by step through the ways of how you can make your life meaningful and live it the way you were meant to live from the beginning.

So don’t choose to pay the cost of not following your intuition and heart and spend the rest of your life wishing you had. There is an easier way to start your life-changing experience: email or call me! And let’s start the journey of your life!