Executive Coaching


One of the biggest worries that we hear from executives is that once you become an executive, is  whether you are suitable for this job and if people follow you because you inspire them or because they do not have another alternative. And, at those times, we have been told that had an advisor been next to you to help you control your emotions, guide your actions, and enhance your personality, this would have changed everything.

As an executive coach, you may know very well your business, you might be great as a decision-maker, and you might know very well the industry, your competitors and how to get on top.

Do you know what “ingredient” to include in all this so that it all comes together easily?

An impact about which an executive needs to know is how to create relationships based on trust. And here comes my role:

  • I am going to be the coach that is going to make you be the one that everyone wants to work with.
  • I am going to show you how to communicate better, to transmit exactly what you mean, go further than superficial relations and build long-term, deep and trusting connections.

And you know why this is important for you to achieve……..because even though you have gotten some success, how you build your reputation is going to make people remember you.

Did you know that many studies have shown that most employees decide to leave a company because of their bosses and not because of the company itself?


  • My job as a management consulting expert is going to be showing you how to empathize with your employees, treating them with dignity and respect. And don’t get me wrong here, because I do not intend to make you look too “friendly” and lose your authority. What I mean is that I am going to work with you to develop your decisions based on what is really going on and what everyone thinks, feels and sees as the good of the company, not for your particular needs. You will see that in the end, the way people react to you will change completely and you will be the one who empowers your team even in tough times by putting their needs above anything else.
  • As a Master NLP and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic NLP Practitioner, with years of experience as career coach in Vancouver, I will focus on you and not just on the problem itself in order to make things work. Even though you are the person who takes the decisions in your department or organization, I am sure that you have your own fears. I am here to listen to them and explore them in order to identify their origins and find a solution to it.
  • I will be the person you need to assist you to deal with your inner conflicts that draw you back and produce disruptions in your managing style. And by doing so,  we are going to enhance your self-awareness level, making you at the same time more aware of the people around you. As we know, you may put communication and conflict management on the top of your list, but as you advance in your position you will be dealing more and more with relational tensions and psychological issues. Therefore, I will add the following to what we do: relationship, persuasion, and compassion. These additional competencies will increase your level of self-awareness and self-knowledge, and you cannot succeed in knowing the truth about the others, if you do not know first the truth about yourself, right?
  • Working together, you will be able to identify your personal vulnerabilities go through all your fears and emotional challenges that tend to become hidden drivers of your behavior. We will go together through your past experiences and rememorize which were the moments that had a significant impact on your career or personal path and you will immediately see how much you can learn from that. My purpose here is to facilitate you to become a leader who combines business success with social needs, thus being able to reinvent yourself whenever the need arises and be able to impact people on a long-term basis.
  • Last but not least, I am going to be your “for what purpose guy”. What does that mean? In order to be an efficient executive, you need to have very clearly in your mind what makes you do everything that you do in your personal life and in your company. For example, when you wake up in the morning, do you ever think: what drives me to my activities today? I want you to find the “inner forces” that shape you and find fulfillment in everything that you do.
  • My main focus is going to be taking everything that you dreamt of and make it happen. Do you think that’s impossible? From my point of view, it is absolutely possible, because I am going to help you find the force and the emotion to do anything you have ever wanted.

To put it in a nutshell, we will explore all your needs, emotions, and beliefs, and be clear how they are controlling you in a positive or negative way. Why? Because then you will be able to ask for more from yourself, achieve more and build more

So if you want to be at your best, for yourself and for others, call me now!