Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

One of the biggest worries that we hear from executives is that once you become an executive, is  whether you are suitable for this job and if people follow you because you inspire them or because they do not have another alternative. And, at those times, we have been told that had an advisor been next to you to help you control your emotions….

team building

Team Building

When being an executive, you want to create all the wealth of your company, and of course that includes having a team of employees who get along together very well, help each other and deliver excellent results. However, in some cases, this seems a utopia and a percentage of leaders and executives will tell you that this simply doesn’t exist.



What better description to give to a leadership and development retreat than these testimonials who comprise in just a few words the whole experience? As an executive coach, working with executives from Vancouver, Mexico, Hungary and many other countries, I have reached the conclusion that in most of the times more than 90% of what they worry about never happens….