Each community has developed based on the wisdom shared by their elders. It does not matter how advanced or primitive a society is as in its foundation there can always be found the advice and traditions inherited from the older generations. When appropriate, our guiding intention is dedicated to enhancing your personal and professional life with modern techniques hand in hand with traditional Shamanistic knowledge. Shamans, knowledge holders, sages, etc, acting as our teachers, advisors, counselors, philosophers and judges, are always open to sharing their experiences and helping us improve our lives. We often work with their wisdom in our management and training skills and facilitation, and are able to share this wisdom with you and help you live the life you were meant to live on this planet.

shamanistic-facilitationWho Are The Shamans?

Shamans are considered to be the knowledge keepers and the living examples of the role models they follow. Their voice is extremely important for the community as they hold stories and wisdom gathered through their experiences which they share with their followers. On top of that, besides sharing their knowledge, a Shaman has all the attributes of a warrior, being always prepared to use the seen and unseen senses to the improvement of the community. Being always connected with nature  to interpret all the messages it transmits,  gives enormous power to  „collaborate” more effectively with the environment, to heal the soul and spirit, helping you find your inner energy and making the best use of it.  


Why our Shamanistic and Old Knowledge Facilitation Is Important?

  • We can act as counselors for the community providing guidance and encouragement whenever someone has lost their way
  • We can help their community improve in identifying and solving problems and make decisions to increase effectiveness
  • Our knowledge can help you community carry through turbulent times, showing the path and preserving cultural values
  • Our Shamans pass on their knowledge in order to help communities stay connected in spite of the changes occurring in society
  • Our Elders help renew and perpetuate traditions by sharing their experiences and encouraging the younger generations to embrace them
  • Our Shamans bring the world closer to harmony through traditional rituals full of wisdom and meaning


What Is Our Role?

  • Our management and training expertise will enable you to clarify and quantify the results and methods used for a Shamanistic facilitation
  • We will analyze your expectations and we will make sure our proposed facilitation will meet them
  • We will use our strategic planning skills to propose to you a feasible facilitation plan as well as the needed resources
  • We will ensure that our proposed Shamanistic facilitation will help you reach your necessary level of spiritual energy
  • We will show you how our Shamanistic facilitation can help you develop your skills and you too can become a Shaman within your scope of knowledge in this world

We know that listening to the shamans’ voice is fundamental for future development. Shamans help us reconnect with our lost values and skills, helping us gather our spiritual energy.

Without hesitation, we suggest to you that welcoming Shamans into your organization and life your life to share their wisdom is the wisest step that you can do.