first nations business development


I am an executive coach, but I do not work with large corporations only. My focus expands over to Aboriginal entrepreneurs to whom I offer support in developing their activity and share their stories across Canada. This is one of the ways I make sure that the First Nations communities learn from the successful stories of others and I am open to help them develop theirs as well.

My strategic objectives for helping the growth of First Nations’ business development projects are:

  • I am involved in finding successful partnerships and business development between Aboriginal peoples and investors, and identifying new methods of how they can be also implemented in Vancouver or any other areas in BC;
  • I act as a bridge between the First Nations’ communities and associations and the authorities in order to make their voice known and find solutions to their needs;
  • Ease the communication between interested investors and First Nations people
  • Advocate for developing new policies and strategies at the authorities’ level in order to encourage the business development of Aboriginal communities.


What Kind Of Services Can I Provide?

Since I became a business coach and shifted my attention also to First Nations businesses, I have identified that most of their ideas can qualify to obtain various private or public grants. Therefore, I have developed my services in such a w        ay that I can help them bring their ideas to reality and become successful and independent in their community. My services are tailored for every First Nations individual and they include the following:

  • Strategic planning of your business;
  • I will help you research your idea and analyze it in terms of efficiency and profitability
  • We will create together the foundation of your business, meaning the business plan that will help you both to guide your future steps but also to attract investors
  • Establish a realistic range of costs;
  • Identify ways for financing your business;
  • Before choosing a financing option, I will show you how to create your financing approach by knowing exactly what funds you are looking for and always have a backup plan in case the first option is not successful
  • Once the financing options have been agreed, I will collaborate with you to prepare the documents necessary to successfully obtain the financing
  • As a business and marketing consultant, I will help you create your marketing approach and plans to target the correct investors and customers;
  • Once the business is launched, I will continue collaborating with you in finding new ways to develop it more and identify new technologies or strategies that can make it more successful;
  • I will also provide you with business coaching and mentoring services.


All in all, I have a holistic approach and I am getting 100% involved in each project trying to find the right opportunities that align with your values and traditions. All the solutions and ideas that I will present to you, will be created according to your traditions and they will not alter by any way your habitat or lifestyle. My solutions and services integrate each First Nations culture and I am proud to be one of the few business coaches who is able to do that.

So if you already have an idea in your head and do not know from where to start, give me a call and we will find together the path to making it work!