project description


  • Test Your Metal Records has been developed to help talented heavy metal artists become known and build their name in the industry;
  • They focus on artists and bands’ development by offering them the necessary support in terms of infrastructure and guidance;
  • The CEO faces serious challenges in terms of keeping costs and business development under control.



  • Take action immediately and do a benchmark analysis against our proprietary best practices to have a clear view of where the company is setting in each business area and unit;
  • Engage the company’s management in the 10By10 Association best practices roundtable;
  • Analyze and develop a strategic plan which should be urgently implemented in all business areas
  • Develop and implement accounting best practices to help the company move forward;
  • Propose solutions and alternatives, over 3 months, to both cut costs by 50%  as well as bring in 3000$ profit.



  • Test Your Metal Records has developed a prolific relationship with a regional partner who has become part of the TYM brand;
  • 3 new contracts with heavy metal bands have been signed which brought 3 global tours in just one year;
  • Implemented a new buying and accounting system which led to relevant cost cutting;
  • Profit goals have been exceeded by 13%;
  • A new van was purchased with 50% rented in calendar;
  • The company now has an Advisory board,  three members, with another two new ones by 2017.