project description


  • A new barter network company in BC, Canada, possessing modern marketing collateral is aiming to implement their development plans;
  • They want to offer an innovative and efficient model in trade and barter network so as to develop advantageous businesses and strategic partnerships;
  • They are analyzing best ways to find new revenue and strong territory partners as well as what should be the best way to create special programs based on training and coaching to successfully do that.



  • Develop and facilitate the implementation of a full strategic plan which includes all aspects: finance, operations and strategies for growth;
  • Create new ways that members can trade by using the current criteria that is widely used in ways that are not utilized in the current market;
  • Find and develop territory managers and partnerships who can implement the company’s strategic plans;
  • Create a full HR and Organization Matrix which will enable head management to delegate more efficiently tasks and projects between employees and between each other;
  • Create and implement a new recruiting plan.



  • Total investment into shares and growth is $150,000;
  • Company has developed new partnerships and agreements, MOU’s for $250,000;
  • Over 100 businesses as first new members;
  • One highly-efficient territory manager has been recruited and trained to implement the company’s strategy;
  • The company has obtained $100,000 in grants for executive training;
  • The company has now a new CEO who is totally engaged in moving the business forward;
  • The company’s Investment Plan has been completed and is ready to be implemented;
  • A 12-month training course has been completed by the company’s executives.