project description


  • Moosomin First Nation faces challenges in meeting governmental and band requirements while capitalizing on all the benefits from their myriad current opportunities;
  • They are now hampered by an archaic Indian Act which stops them from developing business and strategic partnerships which could help them develop in a more efficient way;
  • First Nation communities, Moosomin included, are working on developing a new structure which will help them adopt best practices in everything they do to overcome financial challenges;
  • They are determined to develop revenue streams to fund training, housing, entrepreneurship and new economic development.



  • Facilitate short term loans totaling 5 million dollars for First Nations to acquire immediate assets
  • Develop further avenues of funding; financial, partnerships, and short term loans
  • Find and implement new methods to store data so that it is actionable, and develop best practices to do so;
  • Help Moosomin First Nation become independent as soon as possible by developing businesses and partnerships in various fields: food, housing, data storage, construction, sustainable industries.



  • Moosomin First Nation benefits from an ultra-modern greenhouse developed together with HydroHaus where they can grow their own produce at extremely advantageous margins;
  • 5% of the produce is directly given to single parents and their elders, providing them a secure source of food all year-round;
  • Partnerships have been created with companies in the area and Moosomin members can work in jobs with over 3M dollars in contracts in the oil and gas, mining, and construction industries;
  • The research process for housing and data process has been already finalized and it is under the phase of future implementation;
  • 5 Million in grant applications. 5-10M targeted over the next 18 months
  • In June 2017 the First Nations Finance Authority and First Nations Financial Management Board certifications will be completed, making sources of funding quicker to access.