project description


  • Many First Nations faces two major difficulties from climate change: food scarcity, price increases and low income levels.
  • Many First Nations in Western Canada, face challenges where Climate can fluctuate between -30 and +30 Degrees Celsius, and is often semi-arid in climate.
  • Cost to build and make a profit from a traditional greenhouse makes no economic or social sense
  • First Nations control their own land which represents a big asset to solve a communities food production
  • Climate change is affecting more and more agricultural production and so obtaining a decent level of living from agriculture is most of the times a big challenge.
  • To cope with climate change problems, many solutions for productive agriculture have been developed , among which greenhouse technology is one of the most productive.
  • HydroHaus has developed such technology with a totally improved design, with double walls and roof cavity for instance, so that less energy is used to heat and cool the atmosphere, using almost 90% less energy to function with much higher outputs.  



  • Create and identify partnership with a First Nation, as landlord of a HydroHaus for food production.
  • Work with Moosomin First Nations could move closer to self management if they would produce their own food and sell the produce to local businesses for an extra source of income.
  • Build a greenhouse developed by HydroHaus to help First Nations and other indigenous groups overcome their financial difficulties
  • Provide an economical solution to successfully build and operate the greenhouse
  • Introduce and facilitate the evolution of the project developed by HydroHaus
  • Improve the produce quality and increase the number of crops produced per year.



  • 2.5 Million dollars were raised from collaborators so that Moosomin First Nation band members can use HydroHaus to have fresh produce
  • We have developed a collaboration with 10 local hotels that have signed an LOI to have the first right to buy the fresh, locally grown produce from Moosomin First Nation
  • Moosomin’s nutritious products also become available for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Association, and all affiliate casinos and hotels, to supply their members with healthy, local produce
  • New collaborations are being developed with key stakeholders from Canada, USA and Africa to increase outreach and business partnerships
  • Moosomin First Nation has a secure source of food all year-round, with substantial profits to use in funding new ventures, training, education, as well as give single parents and Elders year round food.
  • Other FN’s are in the development stages