How Possibilities are Created

Jan, 2017

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How Possibilities are Created?

by Wallace Murray | 01 January, 2017

Possibility is the condition or act of being possible, as being defined by Wikipedia.

When we look at the roots of the word “possibility” we realize that

Possibility= possible + ability.

Hmmmm, let’s look at these words more closely.

To be possible, we usually use it to talk about things that we think COULD happen.

However, what I find really interesting about this word is all the VARIANCE in how we use it and what we mean.
For instance, we have all heard people use “possibility” in different ways, such that the meaning that the probability of what they are talking about happening, can be anywhere on the following scale:

IMPOSSIBLE  (this is when people use the word possibility but what they really mean is that this something cannot be done or cannot happen, according to them)

NOT PROBABLE (this is when people use the word possibility to mean that “sure ANYTHING is possible but not this” because in their mind it is simply too much of a stretch)

MAYBE PROBABLE  (this is when people use the word possibility to mean that this thing has a shot at happening. Usually, the person is undecided if they could stretch themselves to make this a possibility in their own lives)

YES PROBABLE (this is when people say the following: “yes this is possible because all most anything is possible under the right circumstances-and as humans on the planet, we can do a lot)


WHY so many differences in what people mean yet we are all using the same word?

The reason is how we see our POWER and what we think we can do.

For instance, the root word of possible is poss- which comes from the Latin word posse meaning power.

I have worked with tens of thousands of people coaching, teaching, facilitating and training. Like you, I have engaged with millions of people on all levels during my lifetime. What is the most amazing is that EACH ONE OF THEM had a different meaning of possibility at the moment they engaged with me.

From the doctor who knew it was possible for me to breathe on my own upon leaving my mother’s womb to my daughter who knew it was possible to breathe upon leaving her mother’s womb, to my ancestors who knew it was possible to make a new life in a new land, all of them had a different level of the possible at different times. And, that is VERY VERY fascinating!

Would you like to know something even more FASCINATING than that?

The only thing more fascinating than what others think is where you put your own personal power!

If you do, then have fun with the following questions as you ask them to yourself:

(What is even better is if you write the answers down-so many people I have worked with have told me that when they did this, it really made things more clear about how they view the possibilities of their lives. What an awesome understanding and awakening to one’s life!)

Q: What is my definition of the word possibility?

Q: When I use the word possibility with OTHERS, which word do I really mean?


Q: When I use the word possibility with MY-SELF, which word do I really mean?


Q: Would I be open to being wrong in my definitions?

Q: How do you know that what you believe about the word possibility is actually TRUE?

Have fun with this, and feel free to let us know how it goes.

Create a great life,

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