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by Wallace Murray | 03 January, 2017

One of the biggest things you and I can do is to practice MINDFULNESS-which is the gift we can all give ourselves to see the GOOD in our surroundings and thus create a feeling that time is not as fast as we think it is.

Engleman’s research, which I spoke about in my last blog, shows us that being mindful and focused on the NOW-which means we notice everhting around us-means that we are seeing and creating new possibilities. Which in turn, slows down time.

What many of us fail to realize is that mindless lives of routine lacking in focus causes us to be guided by distractions and the continuation of the same things, the same thoughts and the same learning.

THIS CAUSES US TO LOSE TIME-sometimes it feels like hours, sometimes days and months, and for some, entire years, are lost or fly by.

WOW-is that what we have created as a society?


One way is to Find your calling, your mission in life. Many studies show that if you do this, your life becomes one of purpose and time becomes your friend as you move down your path, bringing new people, ideas, learnings, and fun into your life.

Another way is to be open to what the universe wants to give you-such as certain events, kindness from others, new possibilities appearing that were unseen before, etc. For some reason, this tends to slow time down, and make moments longer and feel very special.

Cultivating mindfulness by being present, meditating, doing sweat lodges or other practices, helps us live in the NOW. This type of Mindfulness-based therapy and living has been found to be extremely effective for depression and anxiety.

What is even better is what it does in regards to time!

Now we all know that when we are stressed, anxious or depressed—-our minds go everywhere and start to focus almost exclusively on our problems and day to day stresses, which often makes things worse rather than better. As well, we often start to live each day in that way. When you think about it, how many people do you know that are stressed, anxious or depressed?

There is a solution to this:

“Mindfulness allows people to appreciate their surroundings and can lead to the feeling that time is passing more slowly,” Dr. Steven Meyers, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago, tells The Huffington Post. “Paying attention to events that are pleasant or interesting certainly can enhance our mood and allows us to savor positive experiences.”

“Attention is often affected in people who experience stress or depression — their minds drift off as they ruminate about their problems, which can further worsen their situations,” says Meyers. “[Time perception] research highlights yet another benefit of mindfulness: It allows us to better appreciate the events and people around ourselves rather than feeling like we’re living our days in a blur.”

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